Backyard Sheds


Backyard Sheds: From Storage Expansion to Home Extensions

Backyard sheds are multipurpose structures that have ballooned in usage and function in recent years. These structures were once considered ideal for storing gardening tools such as lawnmowers along with bicycles and other sporting goods equipment while otherwise expanding a property’s storage capacity. But backyard storage sheds are now serving as man caves or she sheds, little hideouts a stone’s throw from homeowners’ houses.

Some are even using backyard sheds, which come in a vast range of styles, as tiny homes. Still plenty of other backyard shed uses—from garden party sheds and in-law suites to home offices, sports memorabilia hangouts and bars—abound.

With the DIY movement mushrooming, some folks are choosing to build their own backyard sheds and tiny houses from scratch or using prefabricated builds. Many of these units, however, allow for little in the way of customizations. The building process might also present challenges, especially for those less than handy around tools. Your backyard shed can be something special, something beautiful, something lasting—and even something you have a hand in creating while barely lifting a finger!

In a growing industry, Woodtex is on the leading edge of backyard shed development as well as in offering custom-built backyard sheds through our 3D Design Tool. A pioneering company that launched in 1983 as a Himrod, New York-based mom-and-pop business and blossomed into the United States’ preferred shed, garage and cabin builder that’s still operated by family, Woodtex is equipped to meet your expectations for simple or elaborate and even special, out-of-the-box needs. The Woodtex team, having delivered thousands of sheds to satisfied customers, is confident you’ll find a backyard shed style and structure that suits your usage, property, tastes and budget.


Consider Usage Requirements Before Buying a Backyard Shed

Sheds small and large. Some with windows and porches and some without. “Where do I start?”, you might be wondering. And “Do I even need a backyard shed yet?”

A fantastic way to kick off your search for the perfect backyard shed is to visualize your usage now and several years or even decades into the future. Will your backyard shed be used for lawn and gardening equipment along with storing some other belongings such as mini-trampolines and baseball bats, balls and gloves? Perhaps The Standard is a good place to start. But if you find yourself wanting windows, The Sanford and The Original bring in the glorious warm sunlight and can help improve visibility and ventilation. The Lincoln offers double windows and a rectangular layout, with its double doors running along the length of the unit.

Perhaps you’re picturing a larger space to store your children’s Big Wheels, train sets and doll houses and serve as a playroom where neighborhood boys and girls can gather to spend time with your kids. Woodtex backyard shed models such as The Heritage and The Haven, with the latter offering a sizeable corner porch, might suit your needs.

Look Ahead to Meet Your Backyard Shed’s Future Space Needs

To help you get the most out of your investment, carefully consider your existing and future space requirements for your backyard shed. The Standard’s smallest size, measuring 8 by 8 feet, might be all you need to house a lawnmower, weed trimmer and bags of soil and peat moss today, but what about in five years, as you make good on plans to spruce up your landscaping, or 10 years, when you promise yourself that gift of a riding lawnmower? The Classic or The Gambrel are much-loved spacious garage sheds featuring side entrance doors. These powerhouse backyard sheds are available in sizes running 12 by 16 feet to 16 by 40 feet.

Also, consider whether it’s a smart move for you to invest in a high-quality Woodtex backyard shed that might even be a bit larger than you’d like to have on your existing property. If you know you’re going to move from a starter home in five years, you can save yourself a lot of time and money by meeting your future needs today and transport your ideal long-term shed to your next home. To boot, this extra space now might help you eliminate extra clutter from your home so you can maximize your house’s square footage.

We’re big on planning. It’s no wonder a Woodtex signature line is to Make Room for Life™.

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Zooming in on Backyard Shed Design and Functionality

When you’re in the market for a backyard shed, take note of Woodtex’s stunning and functional designs and imagine how they can help you neatly store tools, equipment, toys, off-season outdoors furniture and many other belongings. Consider how you’ll use shelving and hooks to keep items grouped and easily accessible.

Take some time to think about how wide your backyard shed’s doors need to be. What kind of goods will you be transporting into and out of your shed now and 10 or 20 years from now? Additionally, how critical is it to you to have multiple windows or a garage-style door in place on your backyard shed? Some shed owners are storing their vehicles in our sheds.

Ask yourself whether there might ever come a time when you’d like for your backyard shed to serve dual purposes in not only storing belongings but in serving as a place where you and family members relax or entertain in, as has been the case more and more in recent time. Will your shed ever be the spot for your home theater, complete with a 4K projector and booming 5.1 surround-sound speaker system, or man cave and/or she shed?

Woodtex’s roster of first-rate storage sheds—featuring The Jackson, The Lancaster and The Woodland along with the eight aforementioned models—has something for just about everyone.

Design Your Own Custom-Built Backyard Shed Using Woodtex’s 3D Design Tool

Like some people, however, you might find yourself dreaming up a shed that doesn’t exist yet. The good news in this case is that, with Woodtex’s wonderful 3D Design Tool, you can turn your vision into a stunning reality and enjoy your custom-built backyard shed for decades to come!

Using the 3D Design Tool, you can choose a layout, adjust the shed length and dial up the colors (read about our customers’ most-popular colors) you’d like to see on your roof, siding and trim. Want larger windows and wood shutters and flower boxes on your specially made Heritage model backyard shed? Done. How about a ramp? Got it! Green metal or hickory shingles for your roof? Take your pick among these or nine other selections. And did you say “Can I get a dormer?” Woodtex has you covered.

Let your imagination run wild and—presto—your picture-perfect shed will come to life! You might find yourself unable to call the structure you create a “backyard shed” but instead a guest house or private club for card games.

When using our 3D Design Tool, if you get stuck somewhere or can’t decide on an option and would like more information, the Woodtex team is available to help you navigate through your choices. The Woodtex team places tremendous value on our customers and will go the extra mile to ensure your needs are met when purchasing a backyard shed from us.


Woodtex Backyard Shed Materials Are Built to Last

Some sheds on the market today are constructed using flimsy plastic and suffer from poor structural integrity. Woodtex backyard storage sheds, however, are proudly constructed using high-quality materials and built tough and to last.

Woodtex’s backyard shed roofs are offered in 29-gauge metal and architectural shingle options. Six metal roof colors—from black and brown to green and red—and five shingle roof colors, including black, desert and a weathered option, are available. Neither metal nor shingle roofs call for any additional waterproofing treatment.

Our backyard sheds are equipped with strong ⅝-inch LP® ProStruct® eco-friendly flooring, meant to withstand fungal decay and termite damage. Our floors use 4-by-6-foot notched runners, treated for ground contact, and 2-by-6-foot floor joints (8-foot-wide sheds are built using 2-by-4-foot floor joists).

Woodtex’s walls in our backyard storage sheds are sturdy, with 2-by-4 studs nailed 16 inches apart with a double-top plate—just like your house! (The Standard model is built with studs nailed 24 inches apart.)

Finally, Woodtex backyard sheds are made with the finest materials found in the marketplace. We use high-quality lumber, LP® trim and siding, long-lasting exterior paints and stains, and dry products, to prevent warping.

How to Buy a Woodtex Backyard Shed

No matter your needs or precise specifications, the Woodtex team is certain to accommodate your backyard shed needs. Whichever model you decide on, rest assured that you’re going to love your Woodtex backyard shed. Our company stands proudly behind our supreme hand-crafted work and offers a 90-day money-back customer satisfaction guarantee—peerless in our industry.

Inventory and custom-built Woodtex backyard sheds may be purchased on, with these specially designed units taking just a few weeks to construct and deliver to your home or business. You’re also welcome to explore inventory sheds at our manufacturing facilities, located in several Northeast and Southeast locations along with in Texas and Ontario, Canada. Find a location near you and receive free delivery if your shed destination is 50 miles of any of our retail locations.


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