3 Reasons To Choose a Shed With a Loft
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Want to Maximize Your Storage? A Shed with a Loft is the Way to Go!

Shed lofts can often be overlooked but they provide storage in a space that is often unused. When you purchase a shed with a loft, you can maximize all of your space.


Here are 3 Reasons to Purchase a Shed with a Loft:

1. Store things up and out of the way. If you are worried about rodents or other pests, storing items up in the loft can eliminate this concern. It is also perfect for storing seasonal items that you don’t need to access frequently.

2. Even MORE space. Traditionally people store things on the floor or shelves but when you purchase a shed with a loft, you can increase your storage capability by using the overhead space.

3. More Options. Want to park your mower in the shed and store those Christmas decorations?  A loft makes this possible by providing plenty of room for storage items and space for those tools you need to access more often. Or maybe you want to use the shed for a workshop and need plenty of room to work.  The loft can provide the space you need to store extra tools and supplies when they aren’t being used. Converting your shed to a tiny home? A loft could be the perfect place for sleeping quarters in your space.

We currently offer 4 Shed with Loft Options

The LancasterThis shed provides a small loft over the porch – perfect for smaller items you need to store away.


The Haven – Featuring a gambrel roof, the Haven has a side loft that provides additional overhead space and storage.


The Jackson – Perfect for storage or a cabin shell, the Jackson provides ample overhead storage over the front porch.


The Lincoln – If you are looking for maximum overhead storage space, the Lincoln is the way to go.  It features 2 overhead lofts (one on each side of the shed) and extra versatility with the double barn doors.

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