5 Ideas to Organize Your Home and Make Room for Life
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It can be overwhelming to know how to get started when it comes to organizing your home. Here are 5 ideas to help you get started…

Are you tired of the dinnertime circus, where you are shoving things aside in your pantry just to find the basil so you can make a decent meal for your family? Or maybe you spend your morning looking for your missing earring and trying to find something to wear.

organizing your home

Do visits from friends and family cause your cheeks to flush with embarrassment as soon as you open the door?

If clutter is overtaking your home and your life, and you don’t know where to start, here are 5 ideas to help you organize your home and make room for the things in life that really matter:

organizing your home


Before you get to work organizing, make a Pinterest board of spaces that inspire you and ideas for organization that you find helpful.  Anytime you are feeling discouraged in your organization journey, you can refer back to this board to help you stay motivated and get back on track. Check out our organization pinterest board right here.

organizing your home


Create a space for your family calendar and other important items – this could be in your kitchen, entryway or another spot in your home. Here’s what you need for a great command center:

  • Find a space in your home that will work.  It doesn’t matter where, just make it work in the space you have.
  • Gather. Corral all of your family papers, keys, announcements, bills and more.
  • Create a filing system. Organizing papers by each child, function, etc, helps a lot. Having a place for important receipts, bills, event tickets will help when you need them later and keep you from scrambling to find them.
  • A place for Keys – Create a spot where you place your keys every time you arrive home and alleviate the morning key search.
  • A binder – Use this for keeping family menus, goals, health information and emergency info together. This can save you time and keep you organized.
  • A place to Write –  A great command center has a place to write things for everyone to see! Make sure to keep it updated and reference it often so that your family gets used to looking for what’s happening that week.


organizing your home


Start on the spaces most important to you, either the ones that are major pain spots or the ones that you see and use most often. Set aside time each week (in 10 minute increments) to declutter.  Fold those towels in the laundry basket, put away the clothes that have been draped over the treadmill for way too long.  The point is to start. YOU can do this!

Do you just want to park in your garage again?  Here are 7 Steps to help! 

organizing your home


Spend 10 minutes, at least once a week going through one area of your home and decide what you can sell, donate or throw away.  You might check out the Kon-Mari method which helps you to decide which items bring you joy and which items no longer do.

organizing your home


Go through each room of your home and make a list of categories for ALL of your items.  Then use baskets, bins, etc to organize those items. Check out The Home Edit for inspiration on how to categorize and organize your things.

Don’t wait, get started today on these 5 ideas and you will be well on your way to creating the peaceful, organized home that you desire.

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