Chicken Coops |

Four pygmy goats, two mini donkeys, one donkey, 2 little girls, 2 little boys, one husband, and 100 chickens. Jocelyn McClellan has a big family.

Growing up with an agricultural background, Jocelyn spent her youth showing Quarter horses and livestock, as well as being a Rodeo Queen and competing in barrel races. It’s no surprise, then, that the McClellans wanted their kids to learn about hard work and service in a similar fashion. Here’s a throwback photo of Jocelyn in her Rodeo Queen days!

Once the McClellans relocated to a property with room for animals, their two daughters got involved in the Broilers program through 4-H. In the Broilers program, each child has to start out with 50 birds.

That meant Jocelyn had 100 birds that needed a home!

They survived in an old shed that had been converted to a Chicken Coop, but it was far from ideal. It had very little venting (not enough to be adequate in the Texas heat), and the wood floor was saturated and stinky. Jocelyn wrote, “When I found Woodtex and had the option of the windows, doors, and flooring, I was sold.” While they made do with what they had in the converted shed, Jocelyn was ready for an egg-laying flock and desperately wanted a Woodtex coop for the new ladies. Check out The McClellans’ all new Woodtex Coop!


The McClellans started with 12 chickens, and the kids help out a lot with their backyard farming “hobby.” Jocelyn has been impressed and proud of her kids’ hard work and lack of whining about taking care of their crew of animals.

When Jocelyn isn’t keeping tabs on animals and children, she runs an Instagram account called FitMissionComplete, where she encourages others to set fitness goals and then meet their goals! Jocelyn loves sharing her knowledge and encouragement with other moms and women! Jocelyn recently shared thoughts about Woodtex and her new coop. Thanks so much for your very kind words and sharing your story and photos with us, Jocelyn!

I JUST got my coop here in New Braunfels Tx and couldn’t be happier! Your company is amazing! Travis and Chris were a delight and made this so easy! From beginning to end I was blown away at the little things that this company pays attention to… I searched over a year for a company that could get me what ya’ll have and luckily- through word of mouth I found you! That you so much!! Definitely will be using you again!!