Building Your Dream Garage: The Piccuci Family
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Angelo and Abigail Piccuci both grew up in large families so space wasn’t something they had a lot of.  Angelo’s family is Italian and he grew up with, at times, up to 5 people sharing one room and bathroom. Abigail was one of 11 kids so they didn’t really have any space outside of what they actually needed. Angelo had a dream to one day build a space where he could store his “toys” and have room where “friends and family could sit and relax” and “throw some parties”.  He knew a detached garage would be just the solution.

He and Abigail decided that it was time to invest in this dream and they began looking for a builder.

They found Woodtex by doing some research online.   They talked to other builders and found Woodtex to have the best reviews and pricing so they decided to move forward.

When we asked Angelo about the experience from his first meeting with Nathan at our sales center to the build completion, he had this to say:

“If I had to use one word, I would say very efficient.  The team at Woodtex was amazing. We were able to discuss with Woodtex reps what we wanted, the big picture and then we went over all the details. From the actual execution perspective, the team got out here, got materials, started work, completed work, followed up – everything from the planning, to the building to the payment, just as advertised, very smooth. I couldn’t be happier with the way that Nathan handled the deal, he felt like part of the family. The employees, contractors were very respectful of our property and really did a great job.”

Angelo and Abigail are loving their new garage!  From having bike nights to throwing an impromptu party with friends in their new space – it’s all that they dreamed.

Here at Woodtex, we love helping you build your dreams, whether it is a detached garage or shed. Helping you make room for life is why we exist.  

Check out the Piccuci’s garage:

One Story Detached GarageOne Story Garage One Story Garage DetachedOne Story Garage
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