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In less than 6 months, Donna and Vince Pedini in Marathon, NY went from just an idea of building a Distillery, to having their entire site prepped, the concrete poured, the road done, and Woodtex building constructed.

Donna provides every little detail of this process on her blog, and it’s a great read for anyone who has an idea and wants to take action and make it happen! In fact one of Donna’s favorite quotes is, “If your dreams don’t scare you, then they aren’t big enough.

The Pedini’s came to Woodtex after doing research on building construction. First they were thinking of a building with concrete walls. Then they thought a stick-built structure would be better. Then, they found Woodtex and realized we could do much of the hard work for them!

Donna wrote on her blog:

Did some research about buying a prefab building from a place called Woodtex out of Himrod, NY, over by Seneca Lake (basically a garage that has been customized to what we want), turns out we can get one delivered and set up on our site for not much more than having Vince do the construction himself. It is just the shell, but will save us months of work. Vince will still be doing the electrical and plumbing…Call original engineer and tell him to quit working on the plans for the bermed building.

Just a few weeks ago, we delivered their building… here are a few photos from Donna’s blog.

We’re so happy to be part of building Donna and Vince’s dream! To read more about this project and follow the building of their business, catch up on Part 1Part 2, and Part 3 of the blog posts Donna has written over the last few months (and tuned for updates!).