Woodtex Gives Back: KORE FOUNDATION
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An earthquake devastates an impoverished nation and millions of dollars of aid pour in as the world responds to crisis. A hungry orphan is given a free meal by a generous organization. But what happens when these donations are exhausted? What happens when that child wakes up hungry again the next day? Could there be a way to eradicate world poverty and hunger? KORE Foundation believes there is.

Not a handout, but a way out.

KORE creates sustainable solutions to extreme poverty in Haiti, focusing on the steps “beyond relief” for the greatest impact. With a holistic approach, KORE is addressing the spiritual, physical and economic needs of the extreme poor.


Woodtex is so excited to partner with KORE foundation in 2015. We 100% believe in their mission and their goals, and we have committed to support them in 2015. Our goal is to fund 8 Chicken Coops, which is $16000.

Raised So Far: $16570. We’ve raised 104% of our goal!

So, how are we supporting KORE in 2015?

  • In February of this year, our entire Leadership team (6 of us) is going to Haiti as a volunteer work team.
  • Donations from meals served at every Open House
  • All Woodtex Sales Centers will donate $25 per sale on all products that occur at Open House
  • All Woodtex Sales Centers will donate $25 per Chicken Coop sold ALL YEAR during 2015
  • Woodtex Owner, Kent Lapp, will MATCH $25 Donation per Chicken Coop sold
  • Woodtex will accept donations on behalf of KORE Foundation throughout the year

Photos from our Haiti Trip