Woodtex Gives Back: KORE Foundation
Behind The Scenes |

In 2015, Woodtex made a commitment to help support KORE Foundation, an organization that aims to eliminate poverty in Haiti through creating sustainable solutions, focusing on the steps “beyond relief” for the greatest impact. We 100% believe in their mission and goals, and we made it our goal to fund 8 Chicken Coops – which is $16,000.

We did this by contributing funds donated at our Open House Events across the country, plus we donated $25 per sale on all products at Open House and $25 per sale of every single Chicken Coop sold for the entire year. In addition, for every Chicken Coop sold in 2015, Woodtex owners Kent Lapp and Ben Lapp donated a matching $25 donation!

In addition to fundraising, we sent 6 of our team members to Haiti last February to help physically build Chicken Coops and get to know the communities and some of the families that KORE Foundation serves. We had an amazing time, took some awesome photos, and had a blast serving in Haiti.

When all was said and done, we exceeded our goal and raised $19,294. This funded our goal of 8 Chicken Coops, plus 1 more addition coop and then some! We are proud to help change the lives of struggling families in Haiti.