Brand New 3D Shed Tool LAUNCHED!
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Now With 3D Animation and 360 Degree Views
Woodtex is proud to introduce our brand new 3D Design Your Own Storage Shed Tool! Now, you can see EXACTLY what your finished shed will look like before you order it! PLUS, you’ll see it from every angle with our new 360 Degree technology.

We know choosing your shed is a big decision. You’ll be living with it for many years, and it needs to be right. That’s why we created this one-of-a-kind 3D Design Your Own Storage Shed tool. It’s more photorealistic than any other tool in the industry and we’ve updated it with several new useful options.


You’ll be able to choose your favorite layout, siding and trim colors, roof style, plus visualize several custom upgrades including:

  • Larger Windows
  • Shutters
  • Flower Boxes
  • Dormers
  • Door Styles
  • Ramps
  • And More!


No other company in the industry has a tool quite like this, and we are excited for you to take it for a spin (literally!).

3D Shed Tool

Vicky Reddish

Vicky joined the Woodtex team in 2017. As Marketing Coordinator, she executes marketing campaigns and strategies, primarily in the digital space. She loves creating and curating content and finding fun ways to engage customers on social media - and to do it as a "job" - it just doesn't get any better. She’s also an artist and loves taking photos. Vicky lives in the heart of Nashville with her husband, Michael.