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This week, ABC news ran a story about “She Sheds” titled Backyard ‘She Shed,’ Where Women Go to Get Away.  Of course that peaked our interest, but not as a possible new trend. Our customers have been turning their Woodtex structures in to “She Sheds” for years! Check this out: Donna, in Honeoye Falls, NY turned her Woodtex Shed into an Art Studio years ago.

Donna sent in her pictures a few years ago with this message:

We purchased one of your buildings a couple of years ago. Little by little we created my art studio from your structure. I am so very pleased! Thank you for a quality building that I will enjoy for years to come!” – Donna, Honeoye Falls, NY

Donna's Woodtex Art Studio  Donna's Woodtex Art Studio  Donna's Woodtex Art Studio

This week, with all the buzz around “She Sheds”, we posted on our Facebook page and asked what YOU would use your She Shed for.

We got some great responses like… It would be a pristine place of sanity! A place for me…my place, my mess. My ‘SHE SHED” would be my sewing and craft cottage, all crafts and sewing material out of the house and organized and neatly stored, my quiet space… ahhhhh yes. It would be my recording studio! My new shed is going to be for all of my horse tack!! Can’t wait! My very own [tack] shack!! Aaaaah so many good ideas with these, ladies! And another recent customer shared a few photos of her “shed shed” with a beautiful message:

Karen's Woodtex She Shed is a gateway to her gardens.

“A kiss of the sun for laughter, the song of the birds for mirth. Ones nearest Gods heart in the garden than any where else on the earth.” My she shed is where I connect. It’s my gateway to my gardens. – Karen G.

Woodtex She Shed

She Shed, Tack Shack, Art Studio, we LOVE these ideas for a space that ladies can have all to themselves. What would YOU use your She Shed for?


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