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Do you dream about one day having an Alpaca farm? Caring for livestock day after day? No? Neither did Luis. Actually, he was steadfast in not wanting an Alpaca farm, even after visiting Alpaca farms with his “much better half.” Luis couldn’t imagine being able to go on vacation or just get out of town for a few days, if they had livestock to tend to!

Not only did Luis have a vacation on his mind, but he was secretly scheming a surprise 25th Anniversary cruise. All the while… his partner was planning an Alpaca farm. In Luis’ very own words, “Ugh!”. After some discussion, it was decided that the Alpaca farm would be happening, and the cruise would not (yet!).

Again, Luis’ own words: “Double ugh!” As time went on, Luis slowly warmed up to the idea of caring for Alpacas. Luis says he “slowly became enamored by their gentle nature and soothing hum” during several visits to a nearby Alpaca farm. And so, on December 31st, 2010, Two female Alpacas and two crias (babies) were delivered to what is now Luis’ Alpaca Farm, called “Cloverfield Alpacas” in Churchville, NY.

Cloverfield Alpacas has grown to 12 Alpacas now, and Luis admits that he is thrilled that they started an Alpaca farm. Even after long days at work, Luis looks forward to donning his muck boots and heading to the barn.

The Newest Additions to the farm!


The Cloverfield Alpaca Barn: 36’x24′ Low Profile Horse Barn – Board and Batten, with Cedartone stain and metal roof in burgundy. Thank you, Luis, for sharing your story and photos with Woodtex, and our readers.