Storage Shed Planning Guide
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One of the biggest struggles of buying a shed is making decisions. Size, style, color, siding materials, roofing materials, etc… the list goes on! The most important decision–and the one that you should make first and foremost–is what size storage shed you should buy. The size you choose should be determined by what you need to put in it. That seems like a no-brainer! But it can be tricky to visualize all your “stuff” and how it will fit into the different size options that Woodtex offers.

We created this Storage Shed Planning Guide that you can download and print as many times as you need while you brainstorm what size storage shed to choose. Here are a couple of ideas for how to use the guide:

  • Cut out the Gear Examples and arrange them
  • Use the Layout Examples to help guide you
  • Use a tape measure to measure your own gear
  • Use a pencil to draw your own gear and design your ideal layout
  • Save your sketches and bring them with you when you talk to a Sales Advisor or take a photo with your phone that you can email to your Sales Advisor


Be creative–this is your space! Click here to download the Printable PDF.