Behind The Scenes |

If you have noticed some changes to our website over the last couple of weeks, you’re not alone! A couple of weeks ago, we launched a brand new website – literally brand new.


The most noticeable thing you may see on the new woodtex.com is our new logo. The design and colors are a major update, but overall it’s a simpler, cleaner design.

Simplicity also led to our transition from “Woodtex” to “Woodtex”. One word, one capital letter, and no dash. Just Woodtex!


Our manufacturing facilities continually work to build stock structures at our Sales Centers. That way, you can visit the Woodtex Sales Center near you and explore all of our buildings in person. Because we have locations all over the U.S., and so many different product types and styles, keep track of inventory can sometimes be difficult! We wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to see what we have available in stock, so we created a few cool new functions to the inventory section of the new woodtex.com.

The clickable map on the Where To Buy page makes it easy to find inventory and Sales locations in your region. Also on the Where To Buy page, you’ll be able to find inventory and Sales Centers by searching for your zip code.

With so many structures, we are diligent about keeping everything organized! When viewing in stock inventory, all structures can be filtered by style and type.

As always, you can view in stock product photos, details, location, and prices right here on our website.

On our product pages, we’ve added bigger (and better) photos, plus photos of available options and upgrades for each structure.

We are continuously working on ways to improve our customer experience on the website, including a way to visualize what size structure you’ll need. Check this out:

We are still in the midst of this big transition to a new website, and we look forward to hearing your feedback! Let us know what you love and what’s not working for you.