Garage Foundations and Site Preparation

The recommended foundation for your garage varies by the type of Garage you buy. Some town codes may have requirements for certain types of foundations. Consult with your local code office and your Woodtex Sales Advisor to decide what will work best for your garage.

Concrete Slab or Piers

Any of our garages can be installed on a Concrete Slab. Your garage will be installed or constructed directly on the concrete, and anchored directly to the concrete. This gives your garage a firm, level, and lasting foundation. In some cases, we can accommodate installation on concrete piers. Talk to your Sales Advisor about foundation options for your garage.

Stone Pad

For single wide garages that do have a wood floor, a stone pad is an option for your foundation. In this case, we recommend a stone base with #2 crushed stone (unwashed). This stone pad should be 3 to 5 inches thick, leveled, and tamped. The stone pad should be at least 1 foot (12 inches) larger than your structure, leaving at least 6 inches on each side of your structure.