Rent to Own

Our Rent to Own Program provided by Hometowne Capital
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Rent To Own is a simple, affordable program designed to allow you to have your dreams now and pay as you go, month to month! Choose from our 24-month, 36-month, 48-month, or 60-month programs. Monthly payments start at just $65 per month (Based on the 8×8 Standard Shed for 60 Months).

Advantages of our Rent To Own Program

Save Money & Save a Trip Across Town
Most mini storage units cost more every month than having a new structure right in your backyard. Plus, why drive all the way across town to store the important things in your life, when you could have a much larger storage shed steps away from your house? More space, less money… You can accomplish both with a Woodtex Shed.

No Credit Needed
We do not perform credit checks so if you’ve encountered some road bumps and don’t have the best credit, that is no problem. We simply need the initial payment to get started.

Return the Building at Any Time With No Further Obligation
Should life throw you a curve ball or you simply don’t need the building, simply call us, and we will return the building at no further cost or obligation. Compare this to financing with a bank where you are forced to continue payments or experience foreclosure.

You Can Choose To Pay Off Early
If you wish, your can take the entire term of your agreement to complete your payments, or you can simply pay the remaining balance off early. There is a discount for completing your payments early.


To be eligible for our Rent To Own (RTO) program, your structure must be:

  • One of our Shed Models
  • Delivered within 200 miles of one of our Woodtex sales centers

How RTO Works

After your sales advisor helps you design the building that is perfect for you, we will place your order.

At the time you place your order, you will simply pay an initial payment consisting of 1-2 month’s rent depending on the size of the building. For 8′ wide, 10′ wide, and 12′ wide buildings, the down payment is 1 month’s rent. For 14′ and 16′ wide buildings, the down payment is 2 month’s rent. You may pay in person via check or cash, through the mail via check, by phone with your credit card, or even online!

After your new building is delivered, you simply make monthly payments until completion.

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