When you purchase a structure from Woodtex, you can be assured it was designed and constructed with the high standard of workmanship and quality consistent with our company and values. Your satisfaction is our first and highest goal, and Woodtex is pleased to make the following promises to you.

Woodtex Warranty

  • We will deliver your structure free of defects.
  • We will provide a 1 year limited warranty covering all materials and parts from the very base of the floor to the last shingle on the roof.


Woodtex extends this limited warranty only to the original purchaser. This warranty shall NOT extend to any subsequent purchaser or transferee. Woodtex defines DEFECTS as A) imperfections that impair the use of the product, or B) unacceptable by the Reasonable Person standard. Woodtex will repair all such defects in a timely fashion. Woodtex cannot be held responsible for acts of God, or defects resulting from abuse, negligence, misuse or lack of proper maintenance. Winds above 60 mph are considered acts of God and any damages caused to the structure will not be covered. Warranty claims must be accompanied by a sales receipt or proof of purchase and Woodtex must be notified within 30 days of the finding of the defect. Failure to do so may relieve the manufacturer of any duty to cover under warranty. Woodtex is not responsible for damages incurred on customer’s property by our delivery trucks, or damages incurred on the delivered product by foreseeable obstacles such as trees, shrubs, overhead wires, lawn and driveway conditions, fences etc. in your requested path of delivery.

*In addition to the warranty stated above, LP provides a 50 year warranty on the LP Siding, the Architectural Shingles are covered by a 35 year warranty, the metal roofing is a 40 year premium metal and our floors are a 10 year water resistant LP Smart Flooring.