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Woodtex Retail Partners are a critically important part of our growth plan, and we welcome you to learn more about selling storage sheds for Woodtex. Are you currently selling storage sheds, or want to learn more about selling sheds? You’ve come to the right place!

Quality – not Quantity

We’re not interested in having more retail partners than any other shed company. We want to partner with individuals and companies who share our values, and empower them to be the best they can be. Our proven system works very well to grow sales for existing shed dealers. The ideal candidate will be someone who has a solid understanding of the shed business who wants to grow their businesses by aligning with a brand and a company that people love.

Why do our Woodtex Retail Partners increase their shed sales by as much as 233%? There are many parts of our strategy that work together to support that growth. but it starts with an insanely good customer experience.

Woodtex customers are extraordinarily happy with their experience when they buy a shed from Woodtex. Here’s why:

Remarkable Customer Experience

A lot of companies will tell you they have great custome service. That’s a given – if you don’t serve your customers well you shouldn’t be in business. Woodtex goes well beyond that, with more than three decades of committment to a truly remarkable customer experience.

An amazing customer experience starts way before the sales process – from product design to marketing, sales, and production, it’s baked into every part of our process.

In House Delivery Drivers

All Woodtex sheds are delivered by Woodtex employees who are motivated and invested in your success. Our delivery trucks and other equipment is modern and well maintained. We have more than 30 years of experience delivering sheds to our customers and making the experience a positive one.

If you know anything about the shed business, you know that one common pain point is customer delivery of the sheds. We get it – if you’re selling sheds, you’re working hard to make a sale. You invest in getting leads, spend time talking to customers, and close the sale, only to have your reputation tarnished by a surly delivery driver who damages your customer’s property, leaves ruts in the yard, or messes up the shed when he’s making the delivery.

You want your customers to refer you to their friends and neighbors, and that’s just what they’ll do if you sell Woodtex sheds. Recently, Frederick T wrote in to say:

“I want the company to know that I was very impressed with Scott Brotherton’s performance when he delivered my shed. His professionalism is outstanding! He made sure all was perfect before he left my residence – very satisfied with his work ethic and I will be having more work done by your company. Thank you an please know Scott is a wonderful asset to your company! Thank you again.”

Dedicated All Star Marketing Team

Our marketing team has decades of combined experience creating brands and customer experiences that people love. They are focused on helping you build a successful business.

Our goal is not to have a lot of retail partners – we want a select few who are committed to building a great business. This allows us to pour our resources and efforts into helping retail partners maximize their business.

Our retail partners qualify for great signage, a presence on our website, targeted leads from our website and Facebook pages, and more. We really are in it for your success.

Sales Training and Management

Our retail partner leadership team is deeply committed to helping you succeed as a retail partner.

As a retail partner, you have a designated rep that is dedicated to helping you realize your potential. There’s a huge benefit to being a part of a dynamic, fast growing team, and our retail partner reps bring you sales training, encouragement, and a sense of being a part of something exciting – helping customers create space for the important things in life.

Great Value

Our sheds are not the cheapest sheds on the market, nor are they the most expensive. We design and build our sheds to be a great value – well designed, well built, and fairly priced. We don’t chase trends, but we do stay abreast of what customers want and are responsive to that input.


We’re not interested in a scattered shotgun strategy for retail partner placement. Instead, we’re looking for select retail partner candidates that are committed to being great. Because we don’t have a huge amount of retail partners, we can focus on serving and pouring resources into the ones we do have. This makes you and us more successful in the long run. As your business grows, ours grows, and together we’ll reach new heights!


If you want to grow your shed business, you’ll want to align with a growing brand. Woodtex continues to grow at a remarkable rate each year. We have factories in TX, NY, TN and SC to support Retail Partners across much of the US.


We are a family owned business with more than three decades of experience in the shed business. Our founder, Sanford Lapp started Woodtex in 1983 so that he could better support his young and growing family. He never got to enjoy the fruits of his labors, as he passed away in 1994 from a battle with cancer. His courageous widow Barbara went to work with no experience and kept the business growing for 10 years until her young sons could step in and lead the company. Kent Lapp continues to own and operate Woodtex with the same committment to super serving customers that his dad had.

Increased Sales

If you are an existing shed dealer, you can expect to increase your sales by 30, 50, or even 100%. This isn’t pie-in-the-sky fanatasy, but instead comes from experience of working with our retail partner network. One of our top retail partners in Texas saw his sales increase by more than 200% after he switched to Woodtex! Customers love the Woodtex brand, and our lead generation, marketing, and sales support will absolutely reward your work with increased sales. It’s truly exciting to watch!

Would you like to provide more value to your customers by partnering Woodtex? Please contact Chad Shankle, our Vice President of Sales, through the form below.

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