Design Your Own Shed

The Woodtex 3D Design Tool allows you to virtually design a custom shed, which is then built to your specifications. Simply select the style shed you want to build and start customizing the layout, colors, and other features from there. Change the size, design, available features, and upgrades like window size, door style, ramps, etc. Once you have finished designing, you can save the design and even complete the purchase online!


Woodtex is one of the only companies that offers a tool for you to visually create your shed before placing your order. Fully interactive, the 3D Design Tool gives you the ability to see the roof and siding change, as well as the shed size, trim and other color options. You can even change specs like your doors, shutters, windows, and add additional additional upgrades.

Once you design the shed you want, you can actually see the finished product. No longer do you have to waste time walking around a lot to find the right style and model shed only to then flip through a catalogue in order to imagine that model in your ideal color. Interested in a different style roof? It is all in the tool. All possibilities are now at the tip of your fingers on our site.

The most exciting thing is you can complete your purchase online. Finished designing the perfect shed for your yard? Great! Enter your zip code to confirm we deliver to your area. Once confirmed, your price will update as you fine-tune your shed’s features.

If we ship to your area, we will deliver and even place the shed in the exact spot you desire. If we do not, save your shed design and our team can walk you through other shipping options. We can deliver the shed to the nearest physical location that carries our sheds. There, it is available for pick up or arranged for further delivery. We do our best to provide amazing custom sheds on demand to everyone. Although we are unable to deliver everywhere, our sales representatives are happy to help with other possible solutions.

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Questions and Answers

How do I design a shed?

It’s super easy! Select the base model to begin. This opens the 3D Design Tool, use the menu on the left to change your options and create beautiful or ugly sheds as the colors and options change visually on the model. It is definitely a fun design tool!

Can I save my shed design?

Absolutely! Right above the preview is a ‘Save My Shed’ button. Every time you save a design the features you select and shed you created are emailed to you including a picture of what your shed design looks like.

How many designs can I make?

You can make as many designs as you want. You can save them all too. Continue to design sheds until you find the right one. There are thousands of possible combinations for shed designs!

Does my designed shed get shipped and installed?

If you live in a postal code we deliver to you, yes! Your shed will be delivered and installed on the plot you prepared.
If you live in an area where delivery is unavailable, save your shed, and we will be in contact to discuss further delivery options and possible logistics.

How long will it take for me to get my shed?

Timeframe varies on location, time of year, our work load and the type of building you are purchasing. At the time of your order and deposit, we will provide an approximate time frame for delivery.

Give us a call any time to ask what our current lead times are for your location and structure!

How much does a custom design shed cost?

It is free to design the shed. The final cost depends on your design, what features and upgrades you decide to have built. With a valid delivery zip code entered you will be able to see the price change as you adjust the features on your new design.

What features can I design on my shed?

You have the ability to change:
Shed size, model, style, siding color, trim color, roof material and color, windows, door styles, ramps and other accessories

Like we said before, there are thousands of possible combinations.

Why buy my design online?

If you order online it saves the hassle of visiting a distributor and attempting to imagine your custom shed. You avoid additional fees and markups. It also allows you to know exactly what you will be getting since you designed it. Lastly, you can save an additional 3% if you pay in full and are welcome to stay in touch with us for production updates because these are made to order!