Is Your Garage An Embarrassment?

QUESTION: Is this how you feel when you open your Garage Door?

Woodtex Garage Makeover - Embarrassed?

Would life feel less CLUTTERED if your Garage looked more like this?

Woodtex Garage Makeover - Clean Garage

FYI: You aren’t alone…

These numbers don’t lie:

  • Only 25% of garages in the US are used to store cars because they are so packed with household overflow. (Source: UCLA Newsroom)
  • 48% of married American couples argue over clutter. (Source:
  • 4 out of 5 Realtors say a messy garage harms first impressions of a potential buyer. (Source: Gladiator Garage Works Survey)

Woodtex Garage Makeover

Here’s a Long-lasting Solution:

Free up the space in your Garage by owning a handcrafted Woodtex Shed in your backyard!

Woodtex Garage Makeover - Create More Space

  • You can Purchase or Rent to Own – Starting at $65/mo.
  • Sizes Available: From 8×8 to 16×48 and everything in between.

Stop stepping over piles of stuff and let us help you get the cars back in the garage!

Step 1:

Figure Out: What’s taking up the floor space in YOUR Garage?

Step 2:

Let us help you customize a shed to store the things that are important to you.

Some examples to get you thinking:

  • Give your lawn mower and weedeater a permanent home
  • Get the kids’ bikes and toys out of sight!
  • Park your motorcycle
  • Move your work shop or wife’s craft room into it’s own space
  • Design your own hunting cabin retreat!
  • Create your own personal fitness gym
  • Store your memories and other important storage items in a weather-tight Woodtex!

10 Woodtex Models to Choose From:

Woodtex Shed Models

Are you ready to END THE EMBARRASSMENT and declutter your life? Don’t put it off any longer.

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Let’s talk about how we can help you create the space you need!

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