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Before you build A Garden Storage Shed

One of the best additions to every backyard is a garden storage shed. These multipurpose buildings are perfect for your gardening preparation, organization, and gardening supplies in addition to other storage space. Before you purchase or build a garden shed in your yard, there are a few things to consider. For instance, consider the purpose of the shed, the size (accounting for future possibilities), placement location, building materials, and where you intend to obtain this shed. Great for small gardens and additional storage in the city or to accompany your contemporary farmhouse.

The worst thing to do is to build a shed just for the sake of having a shed. Plans go a long way. In this instance, we are speaking specifically in regards to the purpose of gardening. Gardening can be simple with a few shovels, planting pots, and soil. It can also be more of a production, needing space for seedlings, containers, irrigation, and greenhouse supplies for the serious gardeners. Whichever your gardening style, Woodtex can accommodate your garden shed needs.

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Using Your Garden Storage Shed

First, it is important to get your gardening supplies organized and see your garden flourish. It all starts with the right shed. Starting small is a great first step if you are in need of simplicity. Many people start with their garden ideas and develop their ideal shed from there, accounting for the equipment needed to support their ideal garden. The main consideration is creating the dedicated space. As an example, if you only need a place to store your garden hose and flower pots for the winter, a smaller shed may suffice. However, if your intention is to use the space for container gardening in the winter or as a nursery before the transplanting cycle, you will need the adequate space to operate. It may require space for a transplanting table in addition to the storage space. You may even want to build shelves, a cabinet, cupboard, or even a lockable hutch in the building. This should all be taken into consideration for the design and layout of your garden shed.

Something else to consider: Will your garden storage shed be used for only gardening tools and activities, or will a lawn mower, bicycle, and other yard tools and toys be stored here as well? Factor in how you intend to use the space. This will help you know how large of a space you may actually need. Make your shed a modern garden oasis or utility center for your tractor and other gear and plan ahead. If your shed is meant for gardening and only gardening, that is awesome! However, it is important to anticipate the addition of other tools, a tractor, bike, or other supplies.

A cheap plastic or rubber box will not provide the quality storage your gardening tools need. Rakes, hoes, trowels, and more should not be tossed in something as basic as an outside storage bin. A waterproof Keter storage box is nice for spare items on the side if you outgrow the storage space in your garden shed, but there are plenty of ways to utilize the cubic footage of your shed without making major purchases.

You do not need to be an interior design expert to efficiently organize your shed space. Adding hooks lets you hang items like bicycles or air compressor hoses out of the way, allowing easy access to more frequently used supplies. Tall, full wall racks provide extra shelving, where you can store your plant food, extra pots, and other seasonal essentials. Keeping one of these racks inside near the entryway makes it easy to swing in, grab your go-to tools, and get back to gardening. Portable shelving on wheels can be handy too, when working inside your shed.

Timber for building projects can also be stored above the beams of your garden shed, but it may be better suited in a shed with a loft. If you are looking for solutions to best store firewood, consider expanding your garden shed by adding a woodshed on one side.

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Garden Shed Design

The design of your garden shed is more than just the size of the shed. With proper shelving and table space, your garden storage shed will be used for more than just storage. Consider the exterior design to match your home, garage, or outdoor oasis. If you are a gardener, prioritize your shed’s functionality.

With indoor gardening activities, consider larger windows or perhaps a model with more windows. The placement of the doors, their style, and aesthetic appeal are important to think about, as well. You may have a normal door for the elegant shed look and a rear garage style door for your secure utility access. It all depends what functionality you are looking for.

Love your shed for its lifetime with your own custom design. Play with the Woodtex 3D Design Tool to get started. Design your shed length–long or short–and our tool will show your changes in real time. The longer the shed, the more narrow the appearance. You can change the colors of the siding, trim, roof, and even some of the materials. By the time you have everything the way you want it, you will call it your gardening studio or office–not a shed.

Storage Shed Materials

Woodtex sheds are not plastic but high quality wood, with some LP® options available. The roof, being the wooden exception, has options for architectural shingles with overlap or 29 gauge metal roofing, no extra waterproofing needed. Yes, you can change the roofing color on the 3D Design tool before placing your order. The 2×6 floor joists and 4×6 notched runners make this floor and foundation built to last.

Garden Storage Shed Sizes

A major selling point for prebuilt sheds is their size. Thankfully, our sheds are made on demand with the help of our online ordering and the custom design tool, so we produce exactly what you had in mind. Using the tool to adjust the size of the shed, each model has an independent list of sizes from a standard 10×10 or 8×12 ft as the more compact sized with a variety of combinations up to 16 x 40 for the more grande series. That’s a 40-foot length. With a few extra feet in width, you can easily increase your square footage. Plenty of room for all of your gardening activities makes this a grand gardening homebase in your yard.

Where to Buy a Garden Storage Shed

While everyone is searching for DIY projects, we do not recommend building your garden storage shed from the ground up (but that is partly because we do this for a living) or using a shed kit. The prefabricated build of the sheds not only saves you time, but it saves your energy and frustrations for another day. It also saves you money on high quality materials, which is a little discount sale in and of itself.

You have the ability to go to a shed location and shop a lot where what they have is what they have. You can also visit one of our retail locations and explore several different models, colors, and materials and visualize what the shed will look like before they order the shed to be delivered to their location. You can’t do that with shed kits!

Or you can utilize the Shed Design Tool and build the majestic shed you want now. Make all of the alterations and even save the design if you aren’t ready to place your order yet. If you do decide to purchase a Woodtex shed, we deliver to select locations in addition to our retail partner locations. You can now also complete your order online, without having to walk around a shed lot or depot in search of your ideal garden shed. Construction begins when your designs are finalized and the order processing is confirmed. Once the process is started, the shed takes just a few weeks to show up in your backyard! Efficient and effective–two perks of working with the Woodtex design tool and shed team!

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