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Outdoor Storage Sheds by Woodtex


Outdoor storage sheds are available and can be custom-built in many sizes as well as serve many functions. In recent years, outdoor storage sheds have boomed in popularity, with these structures being seen as destinations for much more than lawnmowers, peat moss bags, rakes, bicycles and baseball gloves.

Outdoor Storage Sheds: Usage Leaps Beyond Storage to Entertainment Hubs

Outdoor storage sheds are serving as places to entertain. Some are turning their outside storage sheds into man caves or she sheds. These are quiet—sometimes even loud—getaways just a few paces away from homeowners’ houses. Some want to curl up with a good book and cup of tea, and others want to play electric guitar, video games or projector-thrown movies with the sound cranked up. Some others are creating veritable shrines to beloved sports team or superhero memorabilia. Man cave? How about the Batcave?

Still others look at outdoor storage sheds and see them as ideal as pool houses or for hosting garden parties or housing bars so friends can come enjoy summer baseball games or card nights. Even others are creating their side hustle workstations—to create custom-made jewelry or striking watercolor paintings—in their outdoor storage sheds. Some are putting their full-fledged home offices in sheds. Finally, others are seeing outdoor storage sheds as guest quarters or even suitable for full-time living as tiny homes, whose movement is growing wildly with each passing year.

Woodtex offers outdoor storage sheds to meet all these use cases and many more! Woodtex started in 1983 in Himrod, New York, and remains a mom-and-pop business. Over the years, Woodtex became the U.S. industry leader in sheds, garages and cabins, providing a wide range of offerings.

One of the hallmarks of Woodtex is its ability to cater to customers desiring outside-the-box storage sheds and custom outdoor storage sheds. Woodtex’s easy-to-use 3D Design Tool can help you turn your dream outdoor storage shed into a reality. Be assured that the Woodtex team is available to help you locate or design an outdoor storage shed style and structure that beautifies your property and is in line with your usage and budget.


Brainstorm Use Cases for Your Outdoor Storage Shed

Outdoor storage sheds come in all sizes and can be built according to specific dimensions, meeting very particular needs. A good place to start is to simply answer the question, “Do I even need a backyard shed yet?”

If the answer is a resounding yes, let your imagination run wild in picturing just how you want to use your shed now. If you’re looking to simply better organize common outside storage shed items such as lawn equipment—think a lawnmower, fertilizer spreader, trimmer, edger, blower, rake and shovel—you’re already taking a good inventory of what belongings will need to be housed in your structure.

Develop a full inventory of items you can see yourself storing in your shed. It’s also a good idea to imagine what kind of shelves, tables and/or hooks you’d like to include in your storage shed. Will wall racks do the job you’re needing or will a series of smaller shelves be ample for your belongings? Hooks can make it easy to keep long-handled items such as shovels, rakes and hoes off the floor and prevent safety hazards.

Now if you’re wanting to own the ultimate outdoor storage shed, one that’ll be first and foremost or even only for entertainment, you’ll have some more brainstorming to do compared with those wanting a shed for strictly storage needs. Perhaps the biggest question you’ll have to ask yourself is, “If I build a man cave, will I have to build a she shed for my wife?” It’s likely that these fun, spirited hideouts from the action of the main house may prompt your partner to want one as well. Now the question becomes: “Should I have one big outdoor storage shed for a man cave and she shed or separate sheds for each?”

Of course, if you’re looking to run your fledgling business out of your outdoor storage shed, it’s smart planning to ponder how your business—and space needs—might grow in the next several years.

Keying in on Space Needs for Your Outdoor Storage Shed

Unlike with homes, outdoor storage sheds are much easier and cost-effective to invest in for future use needs. When you stop to think about it, people tend not to waste space. Instead, they create a purpose for any room in their homes. When children move out of four-bedroom homes, many parents create home offices, reading nooks, TV isles, exercise hubs or meditation sanctuaries, for example, out of these vacant rooms.

Even if you choose to invest in more space than you might need now, you can grow into your shed as needs arise. Consider, for a moment, whether your outdoor storage shed will ever house large belongings such as a tractor, riding lawnmower or snowblower? How about any of your children’s belongings such as bicycles, baseball or hockey equipment, or even toys? Might the day ever come when you’d like to store outdoor furniture such as tables, chairs and umbrellas in your shed during long cold winters?

Also consider that 10 percent of Americans, even many with large homes, rent self-storage units to hold an overflow of belongings from their houses. Can you foresee a time when having an extra 50-plus square feet in your outdoor storage shed would be beneficial in storing items no longer serving you but for which you’ve not yet found good homes?

When it comes to exploring size options for your outside storage shed, it’s a good idea for most people to anticipate and be agile in meeting future needs. This sure beats being in a space crunch and feeling dissatisfied with an otherwise exceptionally built and functional shed.

With So Many Models Available, Where Can I Start Looking for Outdoor Storage Sheds?

Woodtex offers a tremendous variety of wood storage sheds, and we’re proud to share that some of our customers have called ours the best outdoor storage sheds.

The Standard is Woodtex’s simplest model, and even this basic outdoor storage shed can be souped up to meet your needs with regard to size, color and upgrades such as door size or material. The Original, in its 12-by-16-foot build, has been Woodtex’s best-selling shed for more than three decades. For a lot of folks looking at outdoor storage sheds, The Original and The Sanford models represent a common starting point for many of our customers. These are minimalistic, affordable models that offers windows, which, for a lot of people, is a vital feature, enabling natural light to pour inside their sheds while improving visibility and breathability. The Lincoln’s double windows and double doors, featured prominently alongside the rectangular unit’s front side, make this model stand out.

If your shed is going to be so much more than a typical outdoor storage shed, you might want to cast your vision on some other models that offer superior aesthetics and function. The Heritage boasts handsome looks and truly lets the sunlight in. This model’s single hung windows and transom windows in the doors bathe the inside of The Heritage with warm sunlight. A popular upgrade on this model is the dormer, bringing in even more light. Discover all the reasons so many love their Heritage sheds.

The Haven, The Jackson , The Lancaster and The Woodland are all upscale outdoor storage shed models that feature picturesque porches, adding charm and functionality to these structures. Although still technically an outside storage shed, The Woodland takes on the appearance of a classic rustic cabin with an unfinished interior. It’s ideal for someone wanting a cabin-style tiny house.

If your desire for your outdoor storage shed is to have a garage door to park your favorite antique automobile or to house large lawn or farm equipment, look no farther than Woodtek’s models The Classic or The Gambrel. These outside storage sheds, running 12 by 16 feet to 16 by 40 feet, also come with side entrance doors.

All in all, Woodtex’s roster of 11 first-rate storage sheds offers something for just about everyone.

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Design Your Own Custom Shed Using Woodtex’s 3D Design Tool

If your brainstorming for your outdoor storage shed has led you into the territory of custom sheds to meet special needs, Woodtex’s handy 3D Design Tool is your ticket to making your dream shed come alive!

You can choose a layout, change up the shed length and paint your shed colors (check out customers’ most-popular colors) you’d like to see on your roof, siding and trim—all using the 3D Design Tool. You can also pick out bigger windows and accentuating wood shutters and flower boxes as well as the color of your metal or shingle roof. Some customers need a ramp for their custom-built shed. Finally, some customers really love topping off their Heritage model custom sheds with dormer roofs, which add visual flair and lots more sunlight.

When using Woodtex’s 3D Design Tool, you might want some guidance on popular upgrades such as sizes, doors and ramps. The Woodtex customer support team can help you sort out the many choices you have available so you wind up with the perfect outdoor storage shed.


Woodtex Outdoor Storage Sheds Are Well-Constructed

When purchasing an outdoor storage shed, it’s key to look for a company constructing their sheds using high-quality parts that will not only handle inclement weather but stand the test of time. Woodtex outdoor sheds are well-constructed using high-quality materials and built to last.

Woodtex sheds are made with the choices materials found in our industry. We use premier lumber, LP® trim and siding, long-lasting exterior paints and stains as well as warping-resistant dry products. Our outdoor storage sheds’ walls are rock solid, resembling your house’s walls, with 2-by-4-inch studs nailed 16 inches apart with a double-top plate.

Woodtex’s outside storage shed roofs are available in 29-gauge metal and architectural shingle options, with neither calling for any additional waterproofing treatment. Finally, our shed floors are designed to withstand termite damage and fungal decay, thanks to ⅝-inch LP® ProStruct® eco-friendly flooring. Woodtex floors use 4-by-6-foot notched runners, which have been treated for ground contact, and 2-by-6-foot floor joints. (Our 8-foot-wide sheds are built using 2-by-4-foot floor joists).

Customers Rave About Woodtex Outdoor Storage Sheds

Whether your outdoor storage shed will be for simple storage purposes or for specific uses such as entertainment, you want to be sure customers are satisfied with their choices. Woodtex is proud to have earned an average review rating of 5 stars, the maximum level, by dozens of pleased customers on our website.

Candace took the time to write about her husband’s “him shed”:

“Quality, price, years in the business and online reviews were factors in making our decision. Our entire experience was wonderful. The quality of the shed is top notch and aesthetically pleasing … . You can certainly tell that Woodtex takes great pride and lots of care in building their sheds.”

Lori shared positive sentiments about her family’s shed-cottage:

“At Woodtex, not only did I find the highest quality of craftsmanship, but I also found a place that would meet all my needs and requirements in a pleasant and patient way with a price that was uncomparable.”

How and Where to Buy a Woodtex Outdoor Storage Shed

Whether you want an existing outdoor storage shed or require a custom-build shed, Woodtex is equipped to satisfy. Our company backs up our work with a 90-day money-back customer satisfaction guarantee that is unrivaled in our industry.

On Woodtex.com, you may buy inventory models and custom-built sheds, with the latter taking only a few weeks to build and deliver to your home or business. We also invite you to scope out inventory sheds at our manufacturing facilities, located in several Northeast and Southeast locations along with in Texas and Ontario, Canada. Find a location near you and get free delivery service if your shed destination is within 50 miles of any of our retail locations.


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