Jim Moshinskie – Waco, TX

From the moment I walked onto their sales lot to the time the finished structure was set on my lot, I found the Woodtex management and staff very proficient on completing every detail like I wanted it. In sales, Rosa Beachy patiently showed me a variety of models and helped me tweak the one I liked into a 20×12 railroad depot to house my model railroad trains. During construction, Travis Beachy went over all my requests and then took the time to show me how it would be done on my depot. He explained all options every time, and if I wanted changes, he graciously assisted in making sure that what I wanted was what I got. 

Repeatedly, everyone on the Woodtex team respected my wishes – and oftentimes offered suggestions to make it even better. Colors, roof design, type of doors, type of windows, and special hardwood floors were carefully coordinated exactly as I dreamed. I visited the workshop several times and talked one-on-one with the electricians who again helped me make wiring decisions, including a hidden outlet in the floor to power my layout, outlets in the ceilings to operate antique railroad lanterns, special track lighting to show off railroad watercolors, and high duty electrical outlets for workshop tools. Travel suggested special double French doors that came with mini-blinds built into the panels and a Formica-covered workbench with pegboard for my model railroading instruments and electrical equipment. Travis and the electricians helped me plan for the addition of two expensive green depot ‘barn lights’ on either side of the French doors, and the results are remarkable. Travis’ ideas for interior colors for the walls, hardwood flooring, and workbench colors were right on the target. 

I felt I was working with friends who cared, and I was impressed. I only hope my own employees display the same friendly smile and courtesy as I received every time from Travis, Rosa, and their team. When the depot arrived, Travis had to maneuver quite a tricky obstacle course to place the structure on the pad. No problem, my beautiful train depot sits exactly where I wanted it and exactly like the envisioned it. My friends who have come to visit it have remarked repeatedly ‘This is not a shed, it is a palace.’ I would recommend Woodtex to anyone seeking an outside structure, and I assure you that you will find them easy to work with — no matter what ‘palace’ you want.