I received delivery of my shed Monday 9/11, the driver was Alex Brotherton.  He did an outstanding job.  He was professional, courteous and a pleasure to work with.  I knew when I ordered the shed that delivery would be difficult based on the location I wanted to place my shed.  After consulting with a representative from Woodtex I was assured that even though it was a tight fit, I had just enough clearance to allow for delivery.  Upon arrival the 10’ wide shed was loaded unto the forklift unit and the journey down the long narrow (11’) pathway began.  I was unaware of just how much the ground sloped toward my home on this pathway.  As we hit the sloped section of the path, the shed tilted with the slope.  Alex was patient, moving back & forth slowly adjusting for the tilt. Unfortunately the path is so narrow about half way to our final destination we were out of adjustment room and the tilting shed was an inch from the house.  Alex, set the shed down and was going to move the forklift unit to the front of the shed to try and correct the angle.  Due to the landscape the forklift unit was trapped behind the shed with no way to get around to the front.  After some thought we proceeded to climb under the shed with a pick axe and trench out the slope by 4 inches for about 10 feet so the ground would be level enough so the shed would not tilt into the house.  We finally got the shed set. Now Alex had to get his forklift out from behind the shed.  After some maneuvering and with not a fraction of an inch to spare the forklift was out.  I wish I had this on video because although I have not seen any other deliveries I have to believe this was the tightest squeeze possible for a successful delivery.  In addition, after this entire process Alex helped me level the shed.  Job well done – above and beyond.
Many thanks!